The centurion project

The Centurion Project is but one component of the rich companion relationship between the diocese of Fort Worth and the diocese of Northern Malawi. The project is a means of establishing a real relationship of prayer and support between parishes and clergy in our two dioceses.

This project has found its way to our Outreach committee; and has been adopted on behalf of the congregation of St Matthias’ Church. Malawi is one of the financially poorest countries on the planet. The project provides needed support and encouragement for the clergy of Northern Malawi. So a Centurion is a Malawian priest in need of funds and prayer support from a parish in our diocese.

So there are two parts to the relationship, finances and prayer. A priest in Northern Malawi lives on only $100 a month. As our part of the relationship, we will supply this small stipend for our Centurion and offer prayers and encouragement for his work and the body of people that he will guide. He, in turn, will lead his people in praying for us and providing encouragement to us through our joint communications. This project offers a wonderful opportunity to build a lasting relationship with the clergy and people of both of our dioceses. Bishop Iker considers it a blessing to help and encourage our brothers in Christ. By adopting a Centurion, we can become a very real part of each other’s daily ministries.

We have been assigned a newly ordained priest, Father Golden Joseph Marama. He will be assigned to St. Mark’s church in Mzuzu. St. Mark’s is considered the “cathedral” of the main land there. The true cathedral for the Diocese of Northern Malawi is St. Peter’s on Likoma Island. We will be receiving more information about Father Marama, along with photographs at a later date.

I hope that you will join with me in this exciting project and pray for our Centurion’s success with the people and work to which he has been assigned. There will be further information coming, but for now, please keep Father Golden Joseph Marama in your daily prayers, as he is part of us now and we honor that.