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2017 - 2018 Session

Choose your News..... Snooze, You Lose

Fake News! It’s everywhere! Charges of fake news…denials that news is fake…actual fake news…true news masquerading as fake news pretending to be real news…and on…and on…. But wait! There’s nothing new about fake news. Consider this example, torn from the pages of the Bible – liberally paraphrased:

Serpent in Garden: Hey lady, did God tell you not to eat any of this great fruit?

Woman: No, we can eat any of it, except what’s on that pretty tree over there. We eat that, we’re dead meat.

Serpent in Garden: Rubbish! You won’t die! No, no, no…that’s fake news! God doesn’t want you to eat that ‘cause you’ll be like Him. C’mon Lady, try it. Trust me. Look at this face, would I lie to you?

The master of fake news has been spreading his lies since he convinced Adam and Eve to pause for that afternoon snack. Satan is the original purveyor of fake news. Judging by the current state of the world, it is clear that the fake news king is stepping up his propaganda campaign – taking it to new and frenzied levels.

Satan’s fake news has made such inroads in our culture that many people – including many Christians – can’t discern the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. In fact, more and more people believe the concepts of wrong and evil are fake news. The evil one’s fake news has led many people to embrace dangerously erroneous beliefs.

Help! In a world gone crazy with Satan’s fake news, what’s a good Anglican to do? Exactly what good Christians have always done: worship, pray and take the gospel to the corners of the earth. In other words, live the Good News and spread it around.

The thing is, there’s a lot of fake news out there competing with The Good News. If we ignore Satan’s fake news -- snooze through the evil one’s broadcast -- we won’t be prepared to recognize and counter it. Snooze, you lose!

And that is where Christian Education comes in. It helps ground us in Scripture and Tradition so we can recognize and share the Good News. Sure, it’s tempting to sleep in (or have breakfast after 8:00 a.m. Mass) rather than heading to Christian Ed on Sunday mornings. Yet, the 2017-2018 Christian Education year promises a lot of Good News! Snooze, you lose!

The Sunday Church School

9:10am – 10:10 am

an attended nursery is provided for children up to age 4

Our Sunday Church School begins promptly at 9:10 am in the adult classrooms of Duncan Hall (a.k.a The Educational Center), where youth and adults gather for prayer and announcements. And then to classes.

Church School for Youth

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

God charged us with the responsibility of not only evangelizing those who do not know Him, but also, as a community, to bring up our children in His word and light. Indeed, the mission of the Church School is to develop young people into well-formed Christians who are able to articulate their faith, live it out in their own lives, and take it to the rest of the world. Our classes are highly interactive and engaging, while remaining solidly based in the teachings of the Bible and the Church’s Sacred Tradition. All our courses are built on a four-step process which enables learning. This process provides for:

  1.  Studying God’s Word: Students discover what God’s Word has to say about the particular area of focus.
  2. Connecting with God’s Word: Students reflect on their own life experience in some particular area, preparing them to hear and investigate God’s Word.
  3.  Interacting with God’s Word: Students consider how they might put into practice what God has revealed to us.
  4.  Applying God’s Word: Students decide ways in which they will take into their daily lives what they have learned.

In the 2017 - 2018 teaching year, we’ll have a class for the younger children, rotating teachers over our five teaching “blocks.” Our older youth (ages 13 - 18) will attend the adult classes.

Each of us can support the youth Christian Education efforts.

  • In addition to ensuring that their children faithfully attend Sunday classes, parents should take an active interest in what their young ones are learning by asking questions, discussing the weekly lessons with them, encouraging them to learn more.
  • All adult members of this Parish can support this important program by getting involved as a teacher or assistant.
  • All adult members of this Parish should make an effort to get to know the younger members of our Parish -- and what better opportunity for this than in Christian Ed classes?

Church School for Adults

COURSE 1 September 17 - October 29, 2017

Rome and Relics

Instructor: Father Tom Hightower, Assisting Priest

St Peter and St Paul and many other saints have been connected to Rome. Join us for a glimpse of their connection with the Eternal City. What can we learn from tradition and from history? And what does it mean for our faith?

COURSE 2 November 5 - December 10, 2017

Holy Bits and Pieces, Batman: Relics in the Life of the Church 

Instructor: Father Christopher Cantrell, Rector

This will be an investigation into the devotion and adoration of the remains of the saints and objects associated with them. There is a long and deep tradition concerning relics running through the history of the Church.

In fact, Saint Matthias’ has both a relic of the True Cross and a relic of St. Peter the Apostle. Let’s take a look at the subject.

COURSE 3 January 7 - February 11, 2018

Mama Mia: Let Your Love Shrine!

Instructor: Donna Wheeler, Parish Catechist

At each Sunday Mass we burn candles at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, and each month we hold a corporate Rosary. But why? What’s the genesis of devotions and shrines to Our Lady? This course will answer those questions -- and much more about our Mother Mary. We’ll focus in particular on five of the many shrines devoted to Our Lady (including, of course, the shrine at Walsingham).

COURSE 4 February 18 - March 18, 2018

What’s Lent Got To Do With It?

Instructor: Father Christopher Cantrell, Rector

Each year we keep the season of Lent with great devotion. Where did it come from? Does everyone keep it the same way? What are some of the varying Lenten practices throughout Christendom? What is Lent for? We’ll take a look at these and other questions surrounding one of the most significant seasons in the Church Year.

COURSE 5 April 8 - May 6, 2018

A Romp Through the History of the Church of England

Instructor: Father Tom Hightower, Assisting Priest

We all know that the Church of England was born in lust because Henry the VIII wanted a divorce. But is this really ‘fake news’ or is it the truth? Come and examine the question through the ‘unbiased eyes’ of Fr Tom.

But the learning doesn’t stop at Sundays for adults. A variety of exciting courses are on the slate for Tuesday evenings. Read on!

Tuesday Evening Adult School

7:00 – 8:30pm September 19, 2017 - May 8, 2018

Meeting weekly, with holiday breaks; nursery provided. Courses that will be offered throughout the year: the Rector’s Course on Basic Christianity and the Parish Catechist’s course on The Old Testament.


Basic Christianity

Instructor: Father Christopher Cantrell, Rector

This course is based on the series of classes developed by Fr. Homer F. Rogers during a ministry of over 35 years, first at St Barnabas’, Denton, and then at St Francis’, Dallas. Fr. Richard A. Cantrell, SSC, (my father) has condensed the original course, and, of course, I have put in a bit as well. Despite all of that, after some changes and additions, these outlines are still to a great extent those of Father Rogers.

Why would you want to come? This course of instruction in basic Christianity is intended for those adults who are preparing for baptism and/or confirmation, for those who wish to refresh or deepen their own understanding of the basics of Christian faith and practice, and for those who are curious about Christianity. That should cover just about all of us, and hopefully some folks we know and love. Can you think of someone you could bring?


The Old Testament

Instructor: Donna Wheeler, Parish Catechist

The Old Testament is chock full of good stuff. Want adventure stories? They’re here. How about tales of love, hate, lust, revenge, heroic deeds, miraculous acts, God smiting His people when they act up? Here. What about angels, demons, witches, prophets, kings, priests? Check. Maybe you want to know about ordinary people being formed by their creator? You betcha the Old Testament has that! And there’s much more to be found in the pages of sacred Scripture.

This course, running for the entire weekday teaching year, is just what you need for a working knowledge of Scripture. We will go into a good deal of depth on each book, allowing time for discussion, contemplation, questions, and fellowship.

In previous teaching years, we’ve covered Genesis through Ezra. Don’t be put off by that. It will be easy to jump into the narrative and fit right in, beginning with Nehemiah. And, yes, it will be fun!

The course is appropriate for those who have had little Bible study and for those who have been studying Scripture for many years

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