christian education

2021 - 2022 Session

Surviving . . . and Thriving

in Perilous Times

Christian Education for adults and children resumes in September! It’s about time! And it’s timely. This year’s lineup of courses for adults is focused on culture and spirituality. In other words, exactly what we need to survive – and thrive – in perilous times.

What is our world like these days? You might say things like…

• life is by and large not viewed or valued as sacred,

• the family structure continues to erode,

• the Church is under attack -- from without and from within,

• our political and social systems are in a state of disarray,

• many people are uneasy, scared, desperate, depressed,

• God is either disregarded or made into an image created by human beings,

• like prisoners ignoring the key to their jail cell and instead grasping for worldly goods, people go after material goods, fame, and fortune rather than seeking the good things that God wants us to have – the things that are good for us.

Given all that’s going on around us, what are we as Christians to do? To learn what we need to do to survive and thrive in these perilous times, take advantage of this season’s powerful Christian Education lineup.

The Sunday Church School -- 

Classes for Adults and Children

9:10am – 10:10am in Duncan Hall

An attended nursery is provided for children up to age 4.

Tuesday Evening Adult School

7:00pm – 8:30pm in Duncan Hall

An attended nursery is provided.

Keep reading for more detail.

Church School for Youth

“If young people are educated properly, we have moral order; if not, vice and disorder prevail. Religion alone can initiate and achieve a true education.” – St John Bosco

God charged us with the responsibility of teaching the faith as it was handed down by the Apostles. At St Matthias’ our Sunday Church School team takes the education of our youth very seriously. At the same time, we provide a fun-filled environment for students. Our classes are highly interactive and engaging, while remaining solidly based in the teachings of the Bible and the Church’s Sacred Tradition. We strive to not only teach the fundamentals of the faith, but to help young people grow in their love of our Savior. Our goal is to prepare our youth to be shining lights in an increasingly challenging, secular world.

We welcome young people from ages 4 through 12 to our Sunday School classes. Our teenagers attend the adult classes.

Church School for Adults

COURSE 1 September 19 – October 24, 2021

To Become Human

Instructor: Canon Dwight D. Duncan, Assisting Priest

A human being is something we are. And yet ... it is something each of us has to become. Why? How? This course will explore the reasons for and the answers to those BIG questions.

COURSE 2 October 31 – December 12, 2021

Being The Irreducible Minimum of Catholic Practice

Instructor: Father Christopher T. Cantrell, Rector

That’s the way that the Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book describes what are known as the “Six Precepts of the Church”. The Church has been at this religion business for quite some time now -- So the emphasis is on practice -- what is it that we do? And what is the irreducible minimum expected of us?

COURSE 3 January 9 – February 27, 2022

There’s More to Las Vegas than the Desert

Instructor: Father H. Ivor Kraft, Assisting Priest

The fourth century witnessed the end of Christian persecution and the legalization of Christianity in the Empire. One result of this astonishing turn of events was the migration of a large number of Christians into the deserts of Egypt and Syria to pursue lives dedicated to prayer and penance. Collectively, they came to be known as the Desert Fathers and their lives and words are the pure spring which have nourished Christian spirituality in general, and monastic life in particular, ever since. We will consider their lives and works which remain profoundly relevant to us and to all Christians. Then we’ll transition into an exploration of the meaning of culture, the state of culture today, and how we can look to the desert fathers for guidance in our daily lives.

COURSE 4 March 6 – May 15, 2022

Our Solitary Boast

Instructor: Canon Dwight D. Duncan, Assisting Priest

Our Solitary Boast? Actually, “our tainted nature’s solitary boast” according to William Wordsworth, the great late 18th - mid 19th century English poet and devout Anglican, in his magnificent poem “The Virgin” (Ecclesiastical Sonnets, 1822). In this poem, Wordsworth gets it exactly right about Our Lady Mary, Mother of Our Lord and God, Jesus Christ. Take part in this course which will end our 2021-2022 Sunday teaching year so that you can get it exactly right about her.

Tuesday Evening Adult School

7:00 – 8:30pm September 21, 2021 - May 17, 2022

Basic Christianity 

Instructor: Father Christopher Cantrell, Rector

This course is based on the series of classes developed by Fr. Homer F. Rogers during a ministry of over 35 years, first at St Barnabas’, Denton, and then at St Francis’, Dallas. Fr. Richard A. Cantrell, SSC, (my father) condensed the original course, and, of course, I have put in a bit as well. Despite all of that, after some changes and additions, these outlines are still to a great extent those of Father Rogers.

Why would you want to come? This course of instruction in basic Christianity is intended for those adults who are preparing for baptism and/or confirmation, for those who wish to refresh or deepen their own understanding of the basics of Christian faith and practice, and for those who are curious about Christianity. That should cover just about all of us, and hopefully some folks we know and love. Can you think of someone you could bring?

The Old Testament: The Book of Jeremiah

Instructor: Donna Wheeler, Parish Catechist

The Old Testament course is just what you need for a working knowledge of Scripture. It is appropriate for those who have had little Bible study and for those who have been studying Scripture for many years. In this year’s installment, we will focus on the Book of Jeremiah.

Jeremiah prophesied in troubled times – time of political and social upheaval, moral and spiritual decay, apostasy, fear, and ultimately defeat and exile. Through Jeremiah, God called His people to repentance. God wanted His people to return to Him but they did not – they rejected Him. And yet, Jeremiah goes on to share God’s promise of salvation for His people. Spoiler alert: All signs point to Christ.

Our process is to read a section of text, contemplate it, discuss it, pose and answer questions, enjoy fellowship with one another as we learn – and have fun!